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Introducing the Alocasia Odora Starter Plant in 3oz Cups! Get ready to add a touch of exotic beauty to your indoor garden with this stunning foliage plant. Our growers will handpick a variety for you, ensuring a delightful surprise while maintaining similar size and variegation among the options. The Alocasia Odora, also known as the Elephant Ear, features large, glossy leaves with vibrant variegation, making it a striking addition to any space. This starter plant is perfect for beginners and plant enthusiasts alike, as it thrives in various light conditions and is relatively low maintenance. Each 3oz cup contains a healthy, well-rooted Alocasia Odora ready to be potted and nurtured. With its compact size, it’s an excellent choice for small gardens, terrariums, or as part of your growing collection. Watch as this beauty grows and flourishes, bringing a tropical atmosphere to your home or office. Please note that the specific Alocasia Odora variety you receive will be chosen by our expert growers based on availability. However, rest assured that all selections are similar in size and variegation, ensuring a delightful and well-matched addition to your plant collection. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this captivating Alocasia Odora starter plant! Order now and embark on an exciting journey of nurturing and enjoying the beauty of nature in your own space.


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