Shipping Prices

Shipping prices are subject to change in accordance with USPS and other courier prices. We do our best to keep shipping costs down. That being said, shipping rates change frequently, so please be patient with us and understand that shipping fees are out of our hands.

For The Love of Hoyas Guarantee

We take great precautions in packaging your order to give your plant the best chance of safe arrival. We guarantee that your plant will be of equal or greater size than the stock photo. However, we cannot guarantee that the plant will be the exact plant in the stock photo as we have multiples of each. One exception is heat or cold damage, we will not cover any orders that arrive with this type of damage. It is the buyer’s responsibility to receive their package at delivery to help mitigate any heat or cold damage that can occur during shipment. We have insulation and heat packs available in our shop, it is the buyer’s responsibility to check the weather in their area and purchase the necessary accommodations to ensure their plant arrives in the best condition possible. If a plant arrives to you in poor condition and/or with most or some of the foliage damaged due to weather, packing, or shipping we will either replace the plant or issue a refund if not able to replace*. If you have any concerns at all with your order, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to us! Your satisfaction with your order is important to us and we will do our best to make sure that you are happy with your order.

Restocking Fee

If you wish to return item(s) for any reason beyond our control, we reserve the right to charge a 20% or more restocking fee. you are responsible for the return label. If the plant arrives in good condition, we will refund 80% of the item price upon receipt. If the plant is damaged but salvageable, we will refund at most 50% of the item price. If the item arrives dead or damaged beyond rehabilitation, no refund will be given.

Claims without photos or other proof will be denied

*exclusions apply according to the terms and conditions delineated above.

To be eligible for the For The Love of Hoyas guarantee, you must email us within 24 hours of delivery of the package. Past this time, the plant is in your case and it is up to you to provide for the plant; although we can always give tips and advice regardless of the time the plant has been under your care.

It should be noted that new/baby leaves are very susceptible to falling off due to unavoidable stress during shipping and we typically will not cover these.

Small cosmetic damages and/or a small amount of leaf loss, typically with larger plants, do not always occur but are to be expected during shipping and we may not cover them depending on how much of the plant is damaged.

Right to reject orders or cancel sales

All purchases of units, whether initial or additional, are subject to acceptance by and shall only become effective upon confirmation by the Company, which reserves the right to reject any order in sole discretion. For The Love of Hoyas reserves the right to cancel the sale without notice and without cause provided.